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No, mentors are not paid. If you are searching for a paid position then you should look into the work study options that you can find here
Visit these pages(Carolina CovenantC-STEPMAP) that highlight the qualifications and responsibilities that are expected of each mentor.
While eligible freshmen are automatically placed in the peer mentoring programs, they are NOT required to participate in the program.
Mentors are selected based on the thoroughness of their application. We use the application to find suitable Peer Mentors who will be able to assist and support the mentee’s transition to UNC, so answers that show a thoughtful interest and unique perspective help mentor’s stand out.
Mentors should attempt to meet with their mentees in-person at least once per contact period, although they can meet more than once if they’d like. We understand that schedules may not always match up so that mentors and mentees can meet, but mentors are expected to attempt contact.
There are no fees associated with being involved with any of the peer mentoring programs.
For mentors, there is a 3-4 hour orientation/training session prior to beginning the mentor role. Mentors are also required to have a 30-minute meeting each semester with one of the program advisors. The time spent between mentors and mentees can vary based on schedules. The expectation is that mentors and mentees meet at least once per contact period.
Students can stay updated on program events by following the peer mentoring social media accounts and by reading the emails sent through the peer mentoring listservs.
Mentors and mentees are matched primarily by major, but other factors are also considered including gender, race/ethnicity, out-of-state status, transfer status, etc.
Yes, all mentors who would like to serve as a mentor for the following year must complete a Mentor Intent to Return form in order to update their information
The first instances of communication will be via email, but after initial contact it is up to the mentor and mentee if they would rather use telephones, Facebook, etc. Face-to-Face meetings are highly encouraged and enhance the benefits of the program overall.
Check out Student Resources where you will find when the application opens, closes, and when you will be notified further.
Check out Student Resources where you will find when the application opens, closes, and when you will be notified further.