Carolina Covenant ensures that qualified low-income students will have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree at Carolina without having to borrow to meet their financial need. Carolina Covenant is much more than an exceptional financial aid award as it incorporates academic and personal support, services, and special programming to help Covenant Scholars adapt to campus life and succeed in completing their undergraduate studies. These support services include automatically pairing each incoming Covenant Scholar with a current Scholar who has volunteered to serve as a peer mentor to assist the incoming Scholars. Visit for more information about the program itself.


Who is qualified to be a mentor for this program?

  • Full-time undergraduate Covenant Scholars with a minimum GPA of 2.5 at Carolina
  • Students who plan to be on campus for the whole academic year (i.e. not studying abroad or graduating early)
  • Willing students that are able to attend the mandatory mentor orientation the Sunday before fall semester classes begin


The responsibilities of a mentor:

-Assist with the critical transition of minority students, while maintaining confidentiality

-Introduce and model positive decision-making strategies to first-year students

-Log interactions with mentees through contact forms

-Act as a liaison between students and the Peer Mentoring office in the Center for Student Success & Academic Counseling